PEAK Program Meet-up, Sep 10

Meeting great interest of Los Angeles locals, Southern California Alumni Association of The University of Tokyo arranged a meet-up for high school students and their parents who are interested in PEAK program of The University of Tokyo.


PEAK, Program in English at Komaba, is an undergraduate college program mainly for international students whose pre-college education is not in Japanese. Professor Itatsu and two second-year PEAK students who are in our “Hands-on” activity met future applicants at a local tea house in Gardena. It was a very rare and precious opportunity for high school students to talk with current PEAK students directly because the PEAK program is two years old. Thank you very much for your sparing time, Sherry, Manasa, and professor Itatsu, and for your great arrangement, Mr. Higuchi!

PEAKとはProgram in English at Komabaの略称で主に高校までの教育を日本語以外の言語で受けた留学生を対象とした学部教育のプログラムです。板津准教授と「体験活動」に参加している二名のPEAK学生がガルデナの喫茶店で将来の入学志願者と会いました。PEAKプログラム自体がまだ二年目が終わったばかりの若いプログラムなので、現地の高校生にとってはとても貴重な機会になったことと思います。参加していただいたシェリー、マナサ、板津先生、そして会を運営していただいた樋口さん、ありがとうございます!


Manasa and Sherry talking with local high school students


Professor Itatsu explaining PEAK program


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