Student Post, Sep 10: Third Day at ISMP by Sherry

7AM. An extra early start in the morning as Mr. Shiraishi had proposed a spontaneous field trip downtown, to practise shooting with our own hands and cameras.

We ventured onto LA’s infamously unreliable public transport, and headed to our first stop: Union Station. A beautifully maintained station that links the rest of commuters travelling around the state to downtown Los Angeles. We were able to begin shooting here, with ballerina’s practicing in a majestic, grand hall to our left, and countless busy commuters killing time in the waiting hall for their morning train.

From there we moved onto the metro to move towards Civic Centre. Intrigued by the growing local art displays that began from the station itself we moved to catch a glimpse of a couple of local landmarks, the City Hall, and then the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Whilst we attempted to capture the beautiful architecture with our cameras, Mr. Shiraishi gave us shooting tips as well as interesting facts about each location as we weaved in and out of each place.

12:30PM. The sun stalled high in the sky and we were famished from the morning of walking and shooting. We retired to another great spot for shooting, the market. Mexican. Chinese. Indian. Italian. American. We were in a haven for not only food but for a visual feast, observing produce and people filling what otherwise would have been an empty warehouse.

Our stomachs and eyes satisfied, we began to walk towards our final destination before returning to Torrance: the Last Bookstore. This hole in the wall stored used books, as the name implies, but unexpectedly, also art. Old books were creatively stacked creating amazing structures across the second floor of the bookstore. Art was exhibited in another area. Old records, textbooks, fiction novels; all provided interesting subjects for our shots. An hour may have whittled away as we wandered from shelf to shelf, and floor to floor, throughout the bookstore.

3PM. Then came the time to board our bus back to ISMP. Forty minutes later we stepped off the bus and returned to import all our footage onto the computers, ready for editing and compilation on Thursday. We are all excited to see what will become of our raw footage.

Sherry Zheng


Students on transit


In downtown LA


Students practicing camera


Thank you very much Hana for your modeling for the students


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