Rough Cut Screening at ISMP, Sep 17 By Toru Oda

Hello folks, my name is Toru Oda, a PhD candidate at University of California and I study comparative literature with any knowledge of film-making or even films themselves. My contribution to the program was very trivial; what I did was attend several meetings and parties, talk with the students and vex them with questions they were not yet prepared to answer. So, it’s a great pleasure that Kohki asked me to write one of the concluding blog entries about the last day of the program.

カリフォルニア大学アーバイン校の比較文学科の大学院生の小田です。今回の体験プログラムは雑用係という名称にすら値しない程度にしかお手伝いして いませんが、最初のレセプションから本日の締めくくりのスクリーニングまで、枯れ木も山の賑わいとばかりにちょこちょことプログラムのイベントに参加して きました。 Continue reading


Student Post, Sep 15: Team Identity Third Shoot by Rei

こんばんは、堀越です。今朝は10時ごろ起き、板津先生から体験活動プログラムについてインタビューを受けました。ICレコーダーだけでもけっこう緊張したので、いわんやカメラをや、と思い被写体の気持ちが少しわかりました。 Continue reading

Student Post, Sep 13: Team Identity First Shoot by Manasa

Oh, California. Where the sun shines brighter and the dreams are bigger. We were privileged enough this morning to visit the Sawtelle Institute of Japanese and their students. Waking up, as always, in paradise, was tough but I was excited to meet the youth demographic of Japanese-Americans. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, the comfort of knowing a little bit about historical events gave us back-up questions and story stirrers from the older generations – but these were fresh young minds and that was an entirely new territory to cover.

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