Student Project Proposal: Team Identity

LAドキュメンタリープロジェクト 企画書ver.2

Manasa, Rei, and Motoki (Left to Right)




LA documentary proposal ver.2

Manasa Sitaram, Motoki Inoue, Rei Horikoshi
This film is about “identity” of Japanese-American in LA and to try to find what “identity” is. What effect does being Japanese-American have to their identity? What makes their identity? What is identity first of all? Through the film, we want to think about such questions and think about “thinking about identity.”

What defines identity? From small thing like your name, memory, preference, occupation, family, friend and lover to big thing like nation, culture, ethnicity and religion, there seems a lot. Through interview about these question, we try to find their identity. Though we take them as “Japanese-American”, how is actual relation between it and identity?
However, does substance and essence of identity really exist? I want to express a kind of a sense of absurd that life is almost same everyday regardless of its existence and our consciousness of it.
The originality of the film is that we makers are students. I want to express a sense of floating of ego which is not established yet, obligation to face the problem of identity, and emptiness and awkwardness due to the gap of the two. (we will shoot us walking around and drifting in the town. We will ask the same, abstract and vague questions for all interviewees to express the impression of superficiality.)

Sequences are separated like DAY1, DAY2…(every sequence is almost same structure)
A sequence is composed of the event from morning ~going out~ interview~ night by a time series.


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